President Hassan Rohani: Iran is Ready to Cooperate With the US

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has indicated that his country is ready to cooperate with US election winner Joe Biden.


Once Biden corrects his predecessor’s mistakes and returns to international regulations and agreements, Iran will also abide by its obligations, Ruhani said. “Iran’s strategy is constructive cooperation with the world,” Rohani said on state television on Sunday.

For Rohani, it is mainly about the return of the US to the Vienna nuclear accord and the lifting of the current sanctions. He and his Secretary of State Mohammed Jawad Sarif have stressed on several occasions that once the US returns to the nuclear deal, Tehran will also immediately resume negotiations with Washington.

US President Donald Trump had not only pulled out of the nuclear accord in 2018, which was to ensure that Iran would only use its nuclear program for civilian purposes and not create nuclear bombs. He had also imposed new sanctions on Iran.

These have plunged the country into the worst economic crisis in its history, exacerbated by the corona pandemic. If sanctions are lifted, oil exports, Iran’s primary source of income, could also get going again.

On Saturday, Iranian Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri said in response to Biden’s gains that his country hopes for a change in US “destructive” policies.

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