Nvidia: More Graphics Cards Available This Fall

According to Nvidia, more graphics cards will be available in the second half of this year. This normally also means that the cards will drop in price.


Nvidia released a new range of graphics cards at the end of 2020, but those who want to buy one must be patient. People often have to wait weeks before getting a card, and the prices are often two to three times higher.

That should gradually improve. According to The Register, Nvidia CFO Colette Kress says at an event during CES that her company is working closely with supply companies to solve those problems. The company is also investing $6.9 billion to get more chips.

“In the calendar year 2022, we will be in top shape in terms of deliveries, which will enable us to meet demand,” Kress said.

In concrete terms, this means that more capacity will be available from the second half of this year, allowing more graphics cards to be made. If retailers have more cards in stock, the increased asking price of those cards will probably also decrease.

The crisis among GPU makers is a combination of factors. In any case, there is a worldwide chip shortage, and people are more often dependent on entertainment at home due to the pandemic, which means that the demand is higher. But graphics cards are also eagerly bought up by those who want to mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, leaving fewer cards available to gamers.

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