British Soldiers Deployed Due to Staff Shortage in Care

About 200 soldiers have gone to work in hospitals in London to help alleviate the shortage of staff. Among the soldiers who come to the rescue are army doctors.


The corona measures that oblige people to isolate themselves also lead to staff shortages at the national health service NHS and put a lot of pressure on care. In the meantime, the dominating corona variant omikron continues to cause enormous numbers of infections.

Lucky in an accident, according to the Daily Mail, omikron causes much milder conditions, and many people have been vaccinated. Corona patients who end up in hospital can go home much earlier than in previous peaks of the virus. This is the case in all age groups.

For example, patients over 80 years old are now hospitalized for an average of five days, according to the paper. That was eleven days on the previous wave.

The percentage of Covid-19 patients who die from the condition in England is now around 0.15 percent. During the deadliest peaks of the coronavirus, that was twenty times more, around 3 percent.

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