Vladimir Putin Takes Oath for Fifth Mandate as Russian President: I Swear to Respect Human Rights


Russian President Vladimir Putin was sworn in on Tuesday for his fifth six-year mandate at the head of the Kremlin.


According to an AFP correspondent, the Russian president “swears (…) to respect and protect human rights and civil liberties and to respect and protect the Constitution, sovereignty, independence, security, and integrity of the government.”

In his speech, Putin also addressed his compatriots and promised them that as a “great and united people”, they would emerge stronger from this “difficult period”, referring to the war with neighbouring Ukraine. “Together we overcome these obstacles (…), together we will overcome,” he said.

“Sacred Duty”
The president stated that Russia would determine its fate and considered a discussion with the West possible in “security and strategic stability” but “only on an equal basis, with respect for each other’s interests”. Putin concluded that it was a great honour and responsibility and “a sacred duty” to lead Russia.

With this fifth term, Putin will, in principle, remain in power in Russia until at least 2030. However, as a result of a constitutional change in 2020, he can, if he wants, add another six years until 2036, the year in which he will turn 84.

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