Trump Accuses Theatrical Biden of Sowing Division

President Joe Biden’s speech attacking his predecessor Donald Trump only creates more division in the United States, Trump says.


He considers the speech commemorating the storming of the Capitol precisely one year ago as “political theatre to divert attention from Biden’s complete and utter failure,” he wrote in a statement.

The Democratic president blamed the storming entirely on Trump, whose supporters stormed into the House of Representatives to prevent the election from being “stolen.” He “created a web of lies about the election” because he would put his self-interest before the interests of his country, Biden said.

Biden is destroying the US with his policies, and Trump said his spokeswoman Liz Harrington spread on Twitter in a message.

According to Trump, his successor has ensured that the US has lost its borders, completely lost control of the corona pandemic, and become energy-dependent. He also points to high inflation, the chaos in the army and the “embarrassing” withdrawal from Afghanistan. Again, the Republican claims without evidence that he was fraudulently robbed of the election victory.

Trump had scheduled a press conference for Thursday but postponed it earlier this week to later in the month.

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