More Than 10,000 New Corona Cases Detected in Germany

The German authorities have identified a further 10,207 people as being infected with the coronavirus.


The death toll from the pandemic rose by 534 last day, reports the Robert Koch Institute, the German counterpart of the RIVM.

In Germany, 2,360,606 corona cases have been diagnosed since the start of the pandemic. At least 66,698 patients with contagious lung disease have died. Health Minister Jens Spahn warned that the British corona variant of the virus is on the rise in his country.

Authorities on Wednesday quarantined about 1,000 people after an outbreak at an ice cream factory in Osnabrück. It concerns employees and their families.

At least 210 people have now tested positive. Three cases turned out to be infections with the British variant, which is seen as more contagious.

Germany is currently in a lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading. The authorities also extended the entry ban this week from countries with many infections with corona mutations. These include the United Kingdom and South Africa.

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