Brazil As A Third Country Reports More Than 10 Million Corona Cases

Brazil is the third country in the world to have detected more than 10 million coronavirus infections. Only the United States and India have reported more corona cases.


With more than 210 million inhabitants, Brazil is the largest country in South America. The authorities reported 51,900 new infections on Thursday.

Another 1,367 corona patients also died. The country has thereby reported a total of 10,030,626 corona cases and 243,400 deaths.

In Brazil, people have been vaccinated with the Chinese CoronaVac and the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca since January. This vaccination campaign is not going smoothly. In some cities, including Rio de Janeiro, vaccination had to be stopped because too few doses were available.

There is also international concern about a corona variant discovered in the Brazilian Amazon. It is seen as more contagious and has already been identified in six Brazilian states.

In the Amazon city of Manaus, hospitals became overloaded, and patients had to be transferred by aeroplanes to other states.

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