Google Adds Context to Search Results Against Misinformation

Google will add details and context to topics and sources of its search engine results. With this step, the internet giant wants to help users learn about the origin of digital information.


The company also wants to prevent misinformation from being spread.

Google will add descriptions about websites in their own words. It will also test reviews of other sites and information from third parties the company reports during its Search On event. The details will be found in the existing ‘about this result’. That function is currently only accessible to English-speaking users in the US by clicking on the three dots next to the search query.

Google, which processes billions of searches a day, was looking for ways to combat online falsehoods. Especially at a time when Covid-19 polarized American politics and disinformation campaigns influenced public opinion.

The Google algorithm already prioritizes websites known for being authoritative and factual. However, in recent months, the company has stepped up its efforts to provide users with more information about the context of the results they see.

The company launched it’s ‘about this result’ panel in July. However, whether the service will also be available in Belgium or other countries is not yet known. Google previously said it would wait for feedback from users before expanding the service.

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