Ministers: UK Fuel Crisis is Under Control

The fuel crisis in the UK caused by a shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel to filling stations is under control. At least, that is the view of the British government, which, among other things, ordered the army to help with supplies.


According to various ministers, the pressure on petrol pumps will decrease in the coming period.

In practice, many gas stations in major cities are still closed. As a result, motorists often search in vain for a gas station, and if one is found, they have to queue for hours to fill up.

According to the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), about a quarter of the affiliated filling stations are still without fuel. The body represents the independent service stations and accounts for two-thirds of the country’s total of nearly 8,400 service stations. However, the PRA expects the situation to improve in the next 24 hours.

According to several high-ranking politicians, especially in Europe, the shortage of truck drivers is a clear consequence of the British decision to leave the European Union. British ministers strongly deny this, although tens of thousands of drivers have left due to Brexit.

They point an accusing finger at the restrictive measures as a result of the coronavirus, which meant that fewer potential truckers were able to take the driving test.

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