British Ex-Cop Gets Sentence for Sarah Everard’s Murder

A former British police officer hears his sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard. The woman disappeared early this year when she was walking home in London. Wayne Couzens (48) has admitted to kidnapping and raping the victim in addition to the murder.

The murder sparked outrage in the UK and beyond. Women massively shared their experiences online with intimidation and threatening situations on the street. A memorial was also held in London. The police intervened hard because those present did not comply with the corona rules. However, an independent inspection later concluded that appropriate action had been taken.

Everard, 33, was kidnapped on the evening of March 3 by police officer Couzens, who was later fired by police after pleading guilty. A week later, her body was found in a wooded area in southwestern England, tens of miles away from where she was last seen. An investigation has revealed that the woman was strangled.

According to the prosecutor, Couzens did not know his victim. He would not have cooperated well with the investigation. He initially stated that an Eastern European gang was responsible for what had happened to the woman.

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