Financial and Emotional Crisis Due to Covid_19-Now How to Start A Normal Life, Let’s Find Out?


Due to Covid_19, people suffered financially and emotionally so severely that some people got depression, some were so disturbed that they could not overcome the fear of Covid_19. Emotional people assumed that they could die any day, and that fear affected every area of their life.

Talking about the financial crisis, people got jobless, and they were hand to mouth, and some people even don’t have food to survive situation was like this that if they survived by corona, they could die by hunger.

The same happened with emotional crisis people could not attend the funeral of their loved ones who died with corona relationships of 15 years or more was ended by just one pandemic. People missed their loved ones, but they were hel[pless and can’t do anything for them. This caused a lot of emotional damage.

The question here is not to discuss the adverse effects of this pandemic 1st question is, has this kind of thing ever happened before in the history of humankind and did they survive, and if they survived, then how? The second question is How can now people start their normal life, become emotionally and economically strong, and begin living a life that life means.

The answer to 1st question is yes, this kind of pandemic that caused a lot of destruction has happened before, and that was called Plague disease and people also named it black death, and that happened in the 14th century. People go through much of the same situation as today people suffered from Covid_19. But the brighter picture is that period become over. People take a fresh start in life, accept the loss, heal their wounds, and start a new journey.
The answer to the second question is yes; things could get better people could come out of their financial and emotional crisis, but some strategies need to be followed.

Before moving onto strategies to get out of financial and emotional crisis due to Covid_19, let’s have a little analysis of what destruction has occurred in the world due to this corona crisis by using some numeric figures.

3499942 people worldwide have died due to corona, 605208 deaths in the USA, 452224 deaths in Brazil, 311421 deaths in India, 221960 deaths in Mexico, 127739 people die due to corona in the UK and so on…

These Numeric figures cause horrible fear in an average person. But this is not the end of the world. We need to take initiatives for those who are survived from corona and who are alive today.

  • Ist initiative has been taken place, and that is Vaccine for Covid_19 is in the market around the world. People need to stop fearing from side effects of the vaccine and take a healthy step and vaccinated themselves.
  • 2nd Those qualified and jobless due to corona should start from any minor job which has a minimum salary this is need of the day time will come, and they will be promoted according to their capabilities.
  • 3rd as schools were closed, people parents should focus on their child future. You can also call this pandemic a blessing in disguise. Now you will ask how? Families got time parents could spend time with their kids as online schooling is on, but kids do need help in their studies, so parents should support them as much as possible. Also, as physical activities are not possible for kids so some healthy home gym should be arranged for kids for their mental and physical growth.
  • 4th In all these positive measures, don’t forget those corona germ carriers and doctors suggested their isolation. This isolation period is very tough, which is why it is supposed to be the worst punishment for any criminal. We need to support those too who are isolated by being in contact with them through social media. We should make them realise don’t worry we are strong support with you and God Bless them, and they survive too.
  • 5th people while travelling from one country to another are quarantined and object to being socially responsible and cooperating.

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