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Ibiza Island Holidays – Experience the Fun

Ibiza Island holidays, Ibiza is one of the destinations that offer everything. It is a beautiful island with sandy beaches and best suited holiday packages for families with children and younger tourists. It has the best clubbing scenes in the entire world as compared to any other European destination.

Away from the beaches, there are plenty of other activities that the visitors could enjoy including bungee jumping, karting, tennis, water parks, horse riding, parascending and much more. This is one of the best places to keep the kids amused in climbing frames, jumping on trampolines, making sand castles. It also offers a variety of boating activities for the tourists.

While planning a trip to Ibiza island here are some of the activities that are a must do.

1.    Explore the surrounding
Ibiza Island holidays provides its visitors with stunning natural beauty that can be enjoyed while wandering around the place or by riding a bike, jeep safari, horseback or car. You can also be amused by the beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, rocky coves, thick forests and olive groves.

Explore the caves and discover the real charm of the captivating villages and towns with rustic farmhouses in the shining sun.

2.    Enjoy the sunset
For a lifetime experience, watch the shining sun rise and set while sitting on one of the attractive beaches of the world. Ibiza is well-known for its scenic sunsets and this is something you would not want to miss. Set out to the nearest café and enjoy a cocktail with the soothing music and the sunset reflected into the waters. It is enough to make the experience a memorable one.

3.    Make a splash
While you are visiting Ibiza, you must know that no place offers its visitors with such exciting and thrilling experiences than Ibiza. There is nothing more exciting than soaking yourself in the sunshine and water parks are a fun place to do it. Twist and turn in the dark tunnels or race each other down the lane sides in the fun-filled water parks.

4.    Be a beach hopper
Don’t keep yourself to a single beach. The major experience is to explore the place and find your favorite beach. For this, keep searching the gorgeous island.

There are more than 50 beaches in Ibiza Island for holidays and each beach has its one style and uniqueness. If you are looking for a quiet secluded beach or a fun-filled one, Ibiza has it all. Pack your picnic bags and head towards Talamanca; spend an afternoon snorkeling in Portinatx and capture pictures on Playa d’enBossa.

5.    Visit the clubs
Ibiza is famous for its lively and fun-filled clubs and while you are visiting the island, enjoying the party in the clubs is a must. It is a land of superstar DJs.

Every year thousands of people head towards the rocking parties of the clubs and enjoy dancing to the catchy beats. It is the clubbing center of EsParadis, Amnesia, Space and many more.

It is one of the destinations that offer super clubs…Yes! Superclubs and by that we mean that we really mean super. Privilege, home to famous club night Manumission, is the biggest nightclub of the world providing room for 10,000 clubbers.

Exciting Nightlife of Ibiza Island

Ibiza is famous for clubbers. During the summer vacations this place transforms from a quiet resort to a lively and a fun-filled place for clubbers. The night life of Ibiza is thrilling and exciting.

Ibiza’s nightlife is creative and brilliant. You can execute your creative ideas to make the place an exciting one. If you are planning for a party whether it is foam parties, poolside or Flower Power parties, Ibiza is the place to make it happen.

There are a number of clubs joined wall to wall and offer the visitor some great fun. Amongst them are a few that are known all around the world for their uniqueness and thrill that they offer.

It is not only the biggest in Ibiza Island but also in the world. It offers its visitors some spectacular light effects that have made this place even more attractive. It even has a huge swimming pool.

The real attraction of this place is that the décor of the place is changed every night making an exciting experience for the people visiting it. Not only that, Privilege has been patronized by some huge stars including Madonna, Puff Daddy, Jean-Paul Gautier and Jade Jagger.

The décor of the place is strikingly appealing and creates incredible atmosphere with unique and remarkable music. This club is huge and can accommodate 1500 clubbers every night creating an atmosphere worth remembering. The DJs of this exciting club are CLoco Dice, Jo Mills and Cirillo.

It was founded in 1976 and is well-known for the thrilling music and the effect it exhibits. It is no more an open sir venue but it still has a lot to offer.  Cocoon’s techno Mondays offer sonic innovation whereas Cream’s Ibiza sound system and music is famous.

The club is well-known in the island and can accommodate approximately 3,500 people. The thrilling and exciting experience people have during their visit is by watching Pete Tong hosting the event amazingly. The most interesting aspect of this club is that it is the only club that remains open throughout winter offering memorable experiences to the visitors of Ibiza Island.

Space is known as the best night club throughout the world and has won many awards including ‘best club in the world’ at Dancestar awards 2001,’best global club’ award at the International Dance Music Awards in 2005 and 2006.

The Ibiza visitors would see the doors of the club open at 8am on Sunday morning and closed at 6 a.m. on Monday morning providing the people with such an electrifying experience. The atmosphere of the place is what makes it a place to visit!

Enjoying Ibiza Island Holidays on Cheap Packages

Ibiza Island is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit to. There is variety of activities that this place offers to its visitors. If you are planning on a trip to the island then there are a few tips that can help you in saving your money on your trip.

Book you ticket last minute
Although there are many opportunities of booking early but still the best way to get a good and cheap deal is by waiting till the last minute and grabbing a bargain Ibiza holiday.

Visit the place outside the holiday season
Summer vacations are the most expensive season for visiting a place like Ibiza Island because there is an increased demand of visitor and the accommodation costs gets really high. The most preferable time to visit the place is in late May or June.

Search for all inclusive deals
Another effective way to save money is by avoiding drinking in expensive Ibiza bars. Look for inclusive packages that offer eating out and drinking deals added in the cost of your hotel.

Stay in San Antonio
San Antonio offers best range of cheap bars and cafés in Ibiza. Another advantage of living in San Antonio is that there are a number of clubs nearby that in return saves the money of transportation.

Go out late
Another way of saving your money during the tour is by drinking in your hotel and then head out in the evening. Clubs in Ibiza open at midnight so you can save all the money that could be spent on drinking in expensive clubs and pubs.

Use the free club buses
If you have booked your ticket beforehand then inquire from the ticket outlets for the bus service that picks the tourist and takes them on their destinations. This can save you all the taxi fares.

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