Italy can Break European Record With Temperatures of Up to 48 Degrees. What About Spain?


Barely two weeks after the last heat wave, the south of Spain is again dealing with a heat wave. In parts of Andalusia, the mercury rose to 44 degrees on Monday. In Italy, the situation is even more worrying. There the European record comes into view with temperatures of 48 degrees that are predicted.


The Spanish weather service announced code red for the Andalusia region, where the major cities of Seville and Cordoba are located. At the end of June, the mercury also climbed to 44 degrees. It is also very hot in other parts of the country.

In Madrid’s capital, 39 degrees were recorded; the mercury climbed to 35 degrees in Mallorca. Temperatures would not dip until the weekend.

It is also extremely hot in other countries, Greece, for example. But the most worrying is the situation at the moment in Italy. A heat wave is underway there, and temperatures are expected to be even higher in the coming days than they have been so far. In most countries, temperatures above 40 degrees are predicted by high-pressure area Cerberus, and in Sicily and Sardinia, even up to 49 degrees.

This would break the European record. The highest temperature so far was measured on August 11, 2021, in Floridia, in the Sicilian province of Syracuse. Then it became 48.8 degrees there.

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