Car Companies: Biden’s Anti-Pollution Plan Not Realistic


The car companies Stellantis and Toyota denounce a new plan from the US government that should prevent pollution from cars. The two warn that the proposal forces aggressive and unrealistic electric car sales.


In addition, stocks of important raw materials needed for batteries will come under further pressure.

Toyota and Stellantis, the parent company of brands such as Opel, Peugeot, Jeep and Fiat, call the proposed emission limits of President Joe Biden’s administration overly optimistic. The proposal “underestimates key challenges, including the scarcity of raw materials to make batteries,” Toyota said.

Also, according to the groups, insufficient account is taken of the fact that the raw materials are not mined or refined in the US, the current infrastructure is unsuitable, and electric cars are much more expensive.

Biden wants to pass the most ambitious US exhaust emission limits ever. His plan applies to new car models from 2027. An important part of this should then be fully electric. But according to Stellantis, this is not feasible regarding production capacity alone.

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