Woman in Doctor’s Coat Kidnaps Child From Maternity Center in Spain


In the Basque Country of northern Spain, a search is underway for a woman disguised as a doctor who had kidnapped a child from the maternity ward.


Local authorities said that the baby was found on a doormat at a flat in Bilbao on Thursday morning.

The woman walked into the maternity ward of Basurto hospital in Bilbao around 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening, dressed in a white doctor’s coat, and kidnapped a baby. “Everything seems to indicate that she tried to take several babies with her,” the police said.

“She entered several rooms where mothers were but failed to kidnap other children.”

On Thursday morning, the baby was found in good health outside an apartment in Bilbao. The woman had rung the bell before she ran off. The police have now identified the perpetrator, but the 24-year-old woman is still missing.

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