Cyclone Death Toll in Indonesia and East Timor is Rising

The death toll from cyclone Seroja in eastern Indonesia and East Timor has risen to nearly 180. More than 70 people are still being searched for missing.


The Southeast Asian countries faced landslides, floods and mudslides on Sunday. Several villages have been entirely or partially destroyed. Hospitals, roads, bridges and thousands of homes have been damaged.

About 20,000 people have been evacuated. Authorities in Indonesia and East Timor are concerned about a possible Covid-19 outbreak in busy reception centres. In addition to food and blankets, the authorities are also sending masks and corona tests that way.

In Indonesia, at least 140 people were killed by natural disasters. The authorities in East Timor have recorded 37 deaths. The death toll may rise.

Detection dogs are used to search for missing persons. Injured people are treated on hospital ships sent by the navy, among other things.

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