Complaint Against Google in France Over User Privacy

Privacy activist Max Schrems and his organization Noyb have filed a complaint against Google in France for alleged violations of European privacy rules in advertising.


The complaint was lodged with the French regulator CNIL.

Google would not ask users to display personalized ads on smartphones with the American company’s Android mobile operating system. That is why Schrems has filed a complaint with his lobby group Noyb.

He argues that Google is breaking the law by not asking permission for that advertising tool. The activist previously also targeted Apple for a similar case. He lodged complaints about this with the German and Spanish privacy watchdogs.

Schrems has also been campaigning against Facebook about privacy rules for years.

In France, Apple has been under fire for some time, not only among privacy activists but also a lobby group for start-ups and investors. They also believe that the technology group violates the European Union rules on privacy by collecting user data. The CNIL is investigating this complaint.

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