Tesla Displeased With Long-Drawn-Out Building Permit for the Factory in Germany

Tesla finds it ‘particularly irritating’ that the approval of the construction of a new factory near the German capital Berlin has been dragging on for so long.


This is evident from a legal document from the American manufacturer of electric cars and batteries.

According to Tesla, the new ‘Giga factory’ will contribute to the fight against global warming by stimulating, among other things, electric mobility. But Germany’s long approval process contrasts sharply with the urgent need for projects to combat climate change, the manufacturer says.

It is “extremely irritating” that sixteen months after applying, Tesla has still not been given a timetable for approval. However, according to Tesla, the most significant problem is that projects that combat climate change are treated in the same way in the procedures as projects that accelerate climate change.

Tesla is building its European Giga factory in Grünheide, outside of Berlin. Elon Musk’s company chose that location above, among others, the Netherlands and Flanders. Construction work is currently under provisional permits as Brandenburg’s state has yet to make a final decision. Complaints have been lodged against the project by environmental organizations and local residents.

The intention is to start production in the summer. Tesla wants to have half a million cars a year roll off the line in the long term, but batteries will also be made. This concerns batteries for cars and home batteries for private individuals, and energy storage systems for companies.

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