The Cost-Saving Aspects of Using Temporary Storage Buildings

Large-scale industrial construction sites and commercial construction projects often face the challenge of creating a substantial amount of extra space at the site for storing inventory or equipment. The requirement may be short term, but the need is often immediate. It might happen that workforce and materials must be made available at the site for completing the project on budget and on time. To meet the requirement, project managers and facility managers turn to large temporary structures, which is a cost-effective option for creating the space to fulfill the project target. The structure is also suitable for use as a meeting room or lunchroom for employees.

On-site storage saves cost
For the ease of ensuring availability of materials at the site, project managers prefer to have everything at the site instead of using off-site storage that can turn quite costly for logistical and security reasons. There might be delays to make the materials available from off-site locations, and this would adversely affect the completion time of the project and increase costs. When you install the structure at or near the construction site, the resources stored there are available on demand and ensures uninterrupted work for speedy completion of the project.

Absence of foundation lowers cost
The temporary structures are easy to install, and you can install it on any surface. Not only on soil, but you can also install temporary tent structures even on concrete and asphalt as it does not require any permanent foundation like traditional buildings. As it does not require any building foundation, you save a massive chunk of the cost.

Increased productivity
The time it takes to complete the project depends on the productivity of workers at any construction site. As material storage at the site is essential for logistical support, so also you must take measures to increase the productivity of workers. A smart way of doing it is to utilize the climate-controlled temporary warehouse structures as break areas or locations for holding safety meetings. When the project is completed, you can dismantle the temporary structure and use it at some other site.

Low maintenance
The highly engineered structures need almost no maintenance. Just imagine the maintenance cost that you would have to bear if you choose to construct a traditional building. The low maintenance aspect of temporary structures is another cost saving feature of the versatile engineering wonder.

Clear span design provides cost advantage
The temporary structures, no matter how large it might be, have clear span design. The specialty of the design is that it offers 100% usable space, as there are no posts, columns, crossbeams, center poles and other structures anywhere between the walls. Since utilization of space is much more, the cost recovery is also more. Operational efficiency also improves as space allows quick and efficient movement of materials.
The best thing about temporary structures is that you can have the structures custom made. You can get in any size that you want and incorporate HVAC, specialty doors, special flooring and more as per your requirement.

About the author: Mike Gatlin has spent 25 years in the construction industry and has built numerous large temporary structures. He has widespread knowledge and involvement in project management and architectural design. Searching for rare bird species is his hobby, and he works closely with some bird conservation groups.

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