5923 Strickland Avenue-Beautiful Flats in an Ideal Location


Strickland Avenue is a building that is currently for sale. It is a 60,000 square feet building that has 20 apartments flats and 2 floors for retail. Besides than its beautiful architecture and reasonable price, this is a place that is situated in the most peaceful as well as ideal location. Location plays a great role when we talk about living.

It is necessary to have a good location where all the facilities are provided and things of need are near to you. Here are some benefits of location that surrounds 5923 Strickland Avenue.

1)    Hospitals
Medical needs are essential and one can face the emergency situation at any time in life. Strickland Avenue has many medical facilities around. This can save you in medical emergencies and prove to be a blessing for you. You will find many good hospitals and medical centers there at walking distance including:
•    The new York community hospital of Brooklyn
•    Beth Israel medical center
•    Coney island hospital
•    New York urological hospital
•    Kings plaza dental associates

2)    Recreation
This place is blessed with all the things to have a good day out. It has a beach on walking distance as well as bay. It also have a children park where you can take your children in the evening. There are many big parks there as well for adults and children where you can go for jogging, walk or just to meet up people around you or read a novel.

3)    Sports
The place is blessed with many football, basketball, cricket grounds and courts as well. There are gymnasiums and training centers too that provide teaching and opportunities to get yourself groomed in sports. There are many clubs and recreational institutes as well.

4)    Education
Education is what we prefer when buying any place. Fortunately, this place is all over encompassed my many high schools, junior schools and colleges that are known all over United States. There real many renowned churches around too to provide religious education and support.

5)    Shopping
It really gets difficult when you have to travel to somewhere to buy the things at the time of need. However, in this case it is not like that. 5923 Strickland Avenue is surrounded by a lot of markets that have almost everything to sale that we need in our life. This makes this place very convenient to live especially for working women and students.

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