Neverland Estate of Michael Jackson Relisted with Huge Discount

In front of Neverland, the former estate of Michael Jackson, again shines a for sale board. This time the price has dropped significantly, reports The Wall Street Journal. Of the original amount of 100 million dollars is still left 67 million, a reduction of $ 33 million.

The iconic estate near Los Olivos, California was the late eighties purchased by Jackson. The singer deceased in 2009, renamed it to Neverland and built rides and a zoo.

He himself lived there for more than fifteen years. When Jackson was accused of child abuse, he did not see his face at the park.

The ranch has an area of about 100 hectares has been refurbished in recent years. The agency hoped to get so low.

The attractions and animals are otherwise disappeared for a while from the estate. The train tracks are still there.

There are two lakes, a guest house with four bedrooms, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and movie theater. Plus, of course the house with six bedrooms and staff quarters.

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