Camp Counseling-Different but a Satisfying Job


People make different career choices like being an engineer, doctor, teacher etc. but there are some who adopt jobs that are so different from the ones mentioned earlier and have excelled a lot in their field.

For those who are planning to opting camp counselors as their profession will come across many successful people who have adopted similar careers.

Camp counsellor-unique and a rewarding job:
There are many people who are not aware of how being a counselor can be a rewarding and an interesting job. Being a counselor, you not only get a chance to explore your skills but also get to know people around you.

Qualities counselors should possess:
For opting counseling as your job, you do not have to acquire any formal qualification that will help you in fulfilling the job but you need to prove to the team that you are an excellent mentor and possess excellent communication skills.

You need to be energetic and must mingle with the campers and provide them the environment that can be of much interest and would involve the campers in different activities.

Not only this, you have to be find satisfaction in what you are doing without any expectations of personal gain. The most important quality that should be present in a mentor is that he must appreciate his people and show tolerance towards them plus he should be patient enough and must also accept differences.

He must set a good example for others by displaying good manners and habits. Other than that he should have enough outdoor knowledge and skills that will in contributing to the camp program or inclination acquiring them.

Different field of interest
For mentoring, you do not only have to guide the visitors or provide them with activities that would keep them busy as well as would interest them. Sometimes people hesitate for applying as a mentor because they think that they would soon lose their interest in their chosen profession.

But the fear goes away when they get to know that they do not have to guide the visitors but they can select the fields that interest them the most. People who are fond of storytelling or arts and craft etc… can apply as tutors during camping.

This will not only help them in sticking to their relative field of interest but will also provide a wide range of activities for the people to choose from.  This will help you in continuing with your own field of interest and will help you in exploring your skills.

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