Apple IOS 10.3 is Available-Includes Following Updates


Apple’s latest version IOS 10.3 mobile operating system is now available to the public. It is an intermediate update with no major changes.

Yet there are a few interesting updates.

The main issue raised is the new update that Apple’s wireless headset, the Airpods, easy to lose because they are so small. Airpods you find will be a feature in the Find My iPhone’ app.

There you can view the last known location of your Airpods. If your iPhone is within Bluetooth range of the ears, they can also play a whistle to find them easier.

In new update Apple IOS 10.3, there are also added some handy shortcuts Carplay as easier access to media, communication and travel apps.

Siri can be used from now to pay bills, check the status of payments and retrieve drives through apps. Rented movies now can be watch on all your devices.

Under the hood there are also some changes in place. Apple switches to the new Apple File System (AFPS), the old file system HFS + to replace.

This means that there may be some storage space is released on your Apple device. Other benefits include faster start up, faster loading of apps and better encryption.

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