4 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has come a long way from being just a popular social media photo-sharing application for youngsters. Today, entrepreneurs operating online businesses are recognizing it as an ideal platform for them to interact with members of their target audience and market their brand products to the public. It may come as a surprise for you to know that brand engagement rate on most popular social media networking channels is only around 0.07%. However, in the case of Instagram, these proprietors find it is approximately 4.26%. You cannot afford to ignore such statistics if you want your business organization to stand out in the marketplace.

Experts say proprietors and entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds should take note of the following four effective tips to increase the numbers of people following them on Instagram:

1. Pay attention to your business bio
When people browse through your Instagram feed, your organization’s business bio is the first thing they come across. Entrepreneurs have to realize it is an essential part of their establishment’s Instagram account, which they cannot afford to overlook. You are supposed to go out of your way to make an attractive and exciting as possible for those who follow you on this platform. After all, it provides you with a unique opportunity to impress them with unique photos of what you are offering to sell them in the market and compel them to click on the ‘follow’ button.

2. Slowly introduce your products to your target audience via Instagram stories
‘Instagram Stories Highlights’ are a unique feature of this popular social media photo-sharing application introduce your business and its brands to your target audience. You need to consider yourself in the position of your potential followers for Instagram when it comes promoting such products and telling them what your organization is about. You could think of it as a movie trailer which slowly introduces this segment of your target audience to your business and its products.

3. Hold Contests on Instagram for your target audience
Most people love to participate in the various type of contests. This is one of the most convenient ways to increase the number of people who follow their businesses’ profile on Instagram. Most entrepreneurs post unique photos of the products they are offering to sell the public and request the members of their target audience for their comments. By the response these businesspeople receive, they allow such people to take part.

4. Be proactive in replying to the comments your clients on the photos you upload
You perhaps know that interacting with your clients is a compelling aspect of operating a business organization. This is the lone way you are going to build your customer base in the marketplace. Having a viable presence on social media especially Instagram is not an exception to this rule. You need be proactive when it comes to relying on the comments and ‘likes’ members of your target audience sent to photos of your products you upload on this platform.

Instagram is a platform for you to interact with members of your target audience and learn what type of products they expect you to sell them. You need to keep in mind that at the end of the day your objective is to convert them into customers. The above four useful tips can help you to achieve this goal.

Author Bio: Jennifer Grace is a marketing manager of an esteemed digital media company in the USA who helps clients increase followers for Instagram and their business brands.

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