Burden of Overactive Group Apps-WhatsApp Offers Salvation


Burden of Overactive Group Apps-WhatsApp Offers Salvation. Neighbours who throw in photos in the app, fanatical football parents who send entire match reports or colleagues who keep talking about work.


Anyone who has ever been in a WhatsApp group is familiar, and WhatsApp is going to do something about that now.

Administrators of group chats will from now on be given the opportunity to be able to send messages to the group as individual messages – reacting to the group is not possible. The function was announced last weekend.

If an administrator of a group chat enables the function, he can send as the only messages to the group. The members can only read the messages and, if desired, send a private message to the administrator. The group thus remains a well-organised channel with updates.

According to WhatsApp, the function is useful, for instance, for chat groups that teachers use to keep parents informed.

The new option can be found at the Group institutions under Group Information. According to WhatsApp, the new institution is currently being rolled out to all users worldwide.

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