Twitter Loses Millions of Users after Approaching Fake and Spam Accounts

Twitter Loses Millions of Users after Approaching Fake and Spam Accounts. Twitter has a million fewer users compared to the previous quarter. The profit from the social media platform did rise.


The fact that the number of users decreased was partly due to the fight against fake accounts, trolls and spam, Twitter reports in its quarterly figures. The company expects the number of monthly active users to decline again in the coming quarter.

The number of users rose by 11 percent compared with the second quarter of 2017. The total number of monthly active users comes to 335 million worldwide.

Twitter gained profit for the third quarter in a row. At the end of last year the company made a benefit for the first time, and since then no loss has been recorded.

The profit came to 100.1 million euros. This is mainly due to the increased advertising income. Twitter has focused more recently on the live broadcasting of events. Sales rose to 710.5 million euros in the past three months.

The share of Twitter plummeted after the news with 13 percent when the stock market opened again.

The news follows after the share of Facebook also fell sharply, when the user growth of the company disappointing.

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