What is Wrong with Communism?


Communism is theoretically the most ideal form of society but in practice it is difficult to implement. At least, according to the Western media. But is this really so, if we ourselves are victims of which we accuse the Communists.

What is communism?
As always before you write an article, to determine what the exact definition of the topicis, where you want it to be in your article. That’s why I looked on Wikipedia what is the definition of communism.

The word communism is derived from the Latin word “communis” meaning common and universal.

The definition of communism is, according to Wikipedia; Communism is a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the creation of a classless, stateless socialist society based on common ownership of the means of production, in which everyone produces abilities and take as needed.

How communist worlds look like?
In a truly communist world, there are no countries, everyone is equal and all people care for each other. In a truly communist world everyone made the same reward to be able to a task necessary to society as a whole and his fellow man in particular to function optimally.

In a beyond doubt communist world, the land and resources are for everyone and finally one takes more than he needs to be able to live normally.

What’s wrong with communism?

With communism ideology as such is nothing wrong but in the implementation of the communist system in a real community concern, in our western eyes, mostly wrong.

This is not communism but by the fact that some of the people feel held over their fellow men and thus find that they are entitled to themselves more than their fellows.

This is unfortunately nothing we can do because it has to do with the natural ability and development of each individual.

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