What is Christmas?


Festivals and events are a significant and most important part of every society. Flourishing and varying among various areas of the world, each culture casts a different impact upon the festivals being possessed by them. This is how communities are build with various traditions and customs.

Each and every festival has its own importance. And it is through the quality and genre of festivities that represent the quality of living possessed by the people of a society.

Christmas is one such festival that is celebrated every year on the 25th of December since the century 4. Celebrated in winters, this occasion is a public holiday internationally and is celebrated as a perfectly auspicious and holy event in a great majority of countries of the world.

Idea behind celebration of this event:
This is the most important and significant holy festival being celebrated by the Christian community of the world. Being highly auspicious and holy in nature, this festival is celebrated to memorize the birth of Holy Christ.

Accompanying prayers and making celebrations, this event is a complete opportunity to spread love, harmony and peace in the community. Christians believe that it is day when Jesus Christ took birth and is son of Virgin Mary. After that, Jesus took responsibility for spreading the religion of Christianity.

Celebrating this festival in short also celebrates the birth and initialization of Christianity in the world. This sacrosanct festival lets all the Christians to recall their values of Christianity and get united under roof of sanctified beliefs and ideologies.

Decorating Christmas tree is also a great attraction of this event. The colorful lights and various attractive pieces are hung on the trees to make them more appealing and attractive. Christmas is usually celebrated in the western side of the world and usually brings a joy-showering snowfall during it.

Such a tempting and attractive environment of celebration is a great way to grip and gain the attention of millions of tourists from the entire world. The families arrange dinners and parties during this event.

Moreover exchanging gifts and planning get-togethers are also some of the most practiced activities during this festival.

Adults give a great variety of gifts to the children to let them enjoy the entire carnival with a great rejoice and unending fun. Christmas is a great fun and a huge celebration to be experienced.

With the aim to spread the message and atmosphere of unity and concord among the world, this festival is a sure blessing and a complete surety of merriment.

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