What is Christian Meditation?


Christian meditation has been defined in a lot of ways by many sources and individuals. According to Wikipedia, it is type of prayer wherein a planned attempt has been made in order to be aware of and mirror upon things that God has revealed. Christian meditation is a process of purposely focusing on definite thoughts and reflecting on their exact meaning within the context behind God’s love.

God’s Love:
It aims to intensify the personal relationship depending on God’s love which marks Christian communion. Within the Western and Eastern Christianity meditation can be seen the middle stage in the wide 3-stage description of prayer. It encompasses more reflection compared to the 1st level vocal prayer, yet it has been more structured over the compound layers of the contemplative prayer. Teachings in the Christian churches in the East and West highlighted the execution of Christian meditation as a crucial element in boosting one’s knowledge about Christ.

Natural Powers:
When it comes to Aspects of Christian Meditation, people were warned about the potential incompatibilities in combining the non-Christian and Christian techniques in meditation. In 2003, the Vatican revealed that the Church avoids any concept which is relevant to that of the New Age. There are many people who view meditation as a way of developing their psychic and natural powers. In some other cases, people are practicing meditation with self-relaxation as their objective.

Regardless of the case, the truth is that, this form of meditation, which is Eastern meditation to be specific, is characterized by the self-centered objectives. It is where techniques such as concentrating on objects, carrying out controlled breathing, and uttering mantras. All of these are performed in order to empty the mind and eliminate distractions which supposedly would let the person reach the changed state of cognizance.

According to the Bible:
Easter meditation is extremely dangerous since it draws people apart from God through encouraging people to look silently to their selves instead of God. Aside from that, the type of meditation has been intimately tied to the Eastern philosophies that run counter to the biblical teaching. The context behind emptying the mind of a person opens up the likelihood of demonic deception, controlling and even possession.

Take into account that the Bible is encouraging people to meditate on the laws of God each day and night. On other hand, biblical meditation does not include looking in ourselves or emptying the minds of people for some selfish reasons. Reasonably, it motivates the believers to think of and deeply reflect the God’s Person & faithfulness.

As a matter of fact, Christian meditation is calling us to look outward and upward to God so that the minds of people might be filled with insight and wisdom from God and also, for the heart to be filled with joy, happiness and comfort. Do not forget to keep in mind that there’s a quantum difference between delving in the Word of God and then getting the Word in people. Every person is encouraged to keep the Word of God in his or her heart.

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