Vladimir Putin is Going to Equip the Navy With Super-Fast Weapons


On the occasion of Navy Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in his country that warships would be equipped with the most modern hypersonic weapons.


These weapons, which are unique in the world, are expanding the combat capabilities of the Russian Navy, Putin said in Saint Petersburg on Sunday during the Naval Review.

The Ministry of Defense also informed the Russian news agency Interfax about successful tests of the cruise missile Zirkon specially designed for the Navy.

The hypersonic weapons reach a multiple of the speed of sound at a speed of approximately 343 meters per second. They are considered to be the weapon of the future.

Work will also continue on the nuclear powered underwater torpedo Poseidon. The sea drone is intended to destroy targets on the coast.

The president further said that this year alone, 40 new ships would be brought into service with the individual fleet units of the largest country in the world.

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