Tesla Target of An Unsuccessful Ransomware Attack


Tesla boss Elon Musk said attackers attempted to install ransomware at a car manufacturer’s factory in Nevada, USA.


The announcement comes after the US Justice Department released a complaint alleging a failed malware attack against an unnamed company in the town of Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla has a factory there that makes batteries and electric motors, so it was soon suggested that it could be the target. Musk has now confirmed that.

Justice’s complaint states that a Russian named Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov tried to bribe a factory employee to distribute malware in the network.

The malware in question would install ransomware, causing the factory to shut down for a while.

Kriuchkov would have offered the employee a million dollars, but he informed his boss instead. Tesla then called in the FBI, who had the employee meet Kriuchkov to set him up.

Kriuchkov was arrested in an undercover operation on August 22.

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