Royal Houses Worldwide in Mourning After the Death of British Prince Philip

Royal families worldwide are in mourning after the death of British Prince Philip (99). In written statements, they offer their condolences to the relatives and the United Kingdom.


King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix remember the prince “with great respect”. “He devoted his long life to the provision of the British people and his many duties and responsibilities,” they say via social media.

“His lively personality made an indelible impression”, the trio continues. “Our loving feelings of compassion go out to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and all members of the Royal Family.”

Norwegian King Harald and his family have responded with sadness to the death. The flags at the palace in Oslo are at half-mast. “Our feelings go out to Queen Elizabeth and the instant family after Prince Philip’s death,” the king said in a statement. “Our commiserations also go out to the British people.”

Swedish King Carl Gustaf writes that he and his wife were heartbroken upon hearing about the death. “Prince Philip was a respectable friend of our family for several years, a connection we really esteemed.” The king also calls the work the prince has done for his country “an inspiration for all of us”.

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