Norwegian Prime Minister is Fined for Violating Corona Rules


Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been fined nearly 2000 euros for violating her own corona rules.


According to the police, fines are seldom issued for not keeping their distance or for overly large gatherings. Still, Solberg, as prime minister, has advocated the regulations and is responsible for their implementation.

That is why the fine has turned out so high. “Everyone is equal before the law, but not everyone is equal before the law,” said a police spokesman.

Solberg celebrated her 60th birthday in February with at least thirteen family members, while corona restrictions impose a maximum of ten people. She took the family to the ski resort of Geilo, 150 kilometres northwest of Oslo, and had dinner with the restaurant party.

Later that day there was another gathering with the family in a small apartment in the town. The family did not keep their distance, according to the police. Solberg has expressed her regret before.

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