What Role can Parents Play in their Children Homework?


Every year thousands of students go to school. In most schools they do homework. That homework goes home, parents and the word says it all. And in many cases it provides homework at home than half or whole wars between parents mean well and students who do not want any interference.

 Often, to prevent that by making a few good suggestions:

What can parents do?
The first thing they should do is make collaboration with their children. Explain what role they can play and what they want to do so. That might mean that they do planning with their child, or at certain times with their child even through what has been done and what should be done.

It is important that the agreements are reciprocal. So that their child indicating what they would like and what they would find annoying to the involvement of their parents. It is important that this event every year so be renewed at the beginning of the school year.

The child is after all a year older, there is a school over and the question is whether one wants to or can continue on the same basis.
If that basic agreement is made, it could be worked out in some more or less daily appointments.

 For example:

1• The agreement is that run through every day while enjoying a cup of tea or something with one of the parents as the school day.
Have happened yet fun, silly, striking things?
Were there teachers sick?
There are tests taken and what idea the child has of how it went?
Are there keys returned and what was the result?
The parent remains informed of the state of affairs and the child process what happened and put things in perspective.

2• The agreement is being started at a set time with the homework and that along with the parent as being walked on what should be done.
Discussed is also the order in which things are done and possibly where the parents just can lend a helping hand: to hear words of English, read history essay on language errors, etc.

3• The understanding that the parent examine the child homework or he has done everything for the next day and everything in the bag, what he is supposed to have the next day at school with him.

These are just suggestions. It is important that in an open, friendly atmosphere which happens over and over again is the ability to say what they think about the things without leading to annoyances or “little wars”.
Realize thereby also as a parent that your child Puberty and that therefore – without it really wants – may be a way out of the corner that is less fun. Take some gas back, go do something else and try again later.

What every parent should take care in any case is that there is no situation in which the parent makes the homework and his child is watching or doing other fun things.

Finally, the results of your child at school substandard, please do not hesitate to contact the school (if the school does not with you). It is a common interest that goes well with your child. That it not only comfortable in his skin, but also the experience through that “homework” which constitutes a good way to do things with good results.

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