Probably Multiple Deaths From Severe Weather in Japan

Severe deaths have probably been caused by severe weather in southwestern Japan.


According to a local manager, fourteen residents of a flooded care home have been diagnosed with “cardiac and respiratory arrest”.

That term is often used in Japan before a doctor officially confirms death. Two Japanese people affected by mudslides probably did not survive that either. At least nine people are missing.

Large parts of the provinces of Kumamoto and Kagoshima, on the main island of Kyushu, have been affected by heavy rainfall.

It caused floods and landslides. More than 200,000 Japanese have been called to leave their home and find somewhere safe to live.

The government has declared the highest alert phase and dispatched approximately 10,000 military personnel to the affected area to evacuate residents. Emergency aid is also provided. President Abe warned that heavy rains are likely to continue until Sunday.

Aerial footage on Japanese television shows that entire residential areas are flooded, parts of houses and cars have been swept through the water and trees have been uprooted.

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