Mother of the Bride Shoes-How to Choose the Best One


When a person gets older, your feet and back are no longer what they were in the past. So, what does a mother do when she knows that she will be wearing fancy mother of the bride shoes at her daughter’s wedding?

The question of comfort, however, shouldn’t keep you from looking your very best on the special day of your child. Always remember that the shoes that you will wear can make or break your whole ensemble.

The photos that will be taken during the wedding will be around for a long time, so it is essential that you are glamorous from head to toe on that big day.

If you have no idea how to transition from your everyday sneakers to those killer stilettos, here are some of the basic dos and don’ts to choose the perfect pair of mother bride shoes.

Dos and Don’ts for Mother of the Bride Shoes

• Do break the shoes in before the wedding. Walk these up the stairs. Vacuum the floor while wearing them. Do this or else; you will end up walking around the ceremony with prominent, painful blisters.

• Don’t buy a pair of shoes that is not even your size in the first place. A lot of women end up falling in love with shoes that are a size too small in the hopes that they can ignore the pain, or a half size bigger only to step out of them. It is not a wise idea to buy a pair just because you like the colour despite it not being your size. If the store does not have the correct size for you, move on.

• Do go for shoes that are appropriate to your age. Ditch those Granny orthopaedic wannabes and at the same time, don’t wear something that looks like it belongs to the closet of your teenage daughter. Anything too sparkly or strappy will look tacky on someone more than 40 years of age.

• Don’t buy shoes that can be dyed. It is a faux pas to match the colour of the shoes with the colour of plus size mother bride dress. Aside from that, once your feet start sweating, your feet are going to turn brightness.

• Don’t pick mother bride shoes that have squared or boxy toes. These large and clunky looking styles will not elongate your legs and can only look great with more casual attire. An elegant occasion like your daughter’s wedding calls for beautiful shoes.

• Don’t change into a plastic or rubber flip flops during the wedding reception, or worse, choose to go barefoot. The dance floor is not a boardwalk or dormitory shower. Instead, wear formal shoes with lower heels if you must, but always respect the event’s formal ambience.

• Don’t choose price over quality when you shop for mother bride shoes. Expensive shoes that are well made are worthy of your investment. You can, on the other hand, scrimp on the less important accessories, like your earrings, for instance.

Make sure that you follow these simple rules for mother bride shoes and ensure that they go well with your plus size mother bride dress to look fabulous from head to foot!

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