Tips for Finding the Right Pair of Jeans

Ever since jeans first saw the light of day in the fashion world at the beginning of the 1870s, the garment has become an indispensable part of today’s world. The jeans not only convince as a single piece but are one of the recognized fashion trends par excellence. The recipe for the success of these trousers is quickly explained.

Already several centuries ago, jeans were considered the epitome of fashionable rebellion, embodied by none other than cult actor James Dean. Associations with a feeling of freedom are just as convincing as the practical advantages that the trousers offer.

For example, it’s no secret that trousers neither get dirty quickly nor look dirty. Caring for the garment is child’s play as the trousers appear like new after washing.

Diverse design options

An equally convincing fashion argument, however, is the versatility of the garment. Since the possibilities for interpreting jeans seem to know only a few limits, trousers have what it takes to look particularly stylish and original in any combination.

This strength is what makes the jeans so special. However, an important basis for the right combination is the right individual model. These trousers models are adapted to the individual expectations of their wearers.

Cheap jeans often do not meet the desired requirements

If you don’t want to invest too much money in your pants, you shouldn’t buy cheap jeans. An interesting option is sale offers that promise more quality for less money. If you only have enough money for a single pair of jeans, you should opt for straight-cut jeans with an even wash. In this style, the trousers can be combined particularly well.

The right jeans for fashion-conscious women

Fashion-conscious women are currently very fond of so-called paper-bag jeans. These trousers are tailored to the waist and tied at the waist with a fabric belt. Some jeans models of this type also have pleats. With this cut, the jeans widen a little in the hip area, only to narrow again towards the bottom.

Wide and ankle-length culottes are special features of these pants. Bootcut jeans are also very popular with women.

Which jeans do women with classic problem areas wear?

Women with a small belly should opt for jeans with a higher rise. Finally, a waistband placed above the stomach emphasizes the waist. Zippers and pockets should be positioned on the jeans in such a way that these areas are not too bulky.

A different strategy is required for women with large buttocks. For these ladies, jeans with a low rise and flat, side-fastened back pockets are a good choice. A smaller bottom, on the other hand, is optically padded by the rear area being decorated with centrally placed pockets. Women with strong thighs, on the other hand, should refrain from wearing skinny jeans and instead opt for trousers with straight legs.

The right jeans for him

In contrast to women, a man with too much stomach is well advised to let his trousers end below his stomach. Subsequently, it is not recommended for a man to emphasize the waist. If men suffer from relatively short legs, it makes sense not to roll up their trousers. In this case, it is better to simply cut off the protruding leg.

Pants with a low rise and deep pockets make legs appear shorter. In contrast, if you have a flat butt, it is advisable to choose pants with low-set and large pockets.

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