Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: Macbook Windows Alternative


Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: Macbook has a Worthy Windows Alternative. Finally, Microsoft has made a laptop. This time no kickstand or a removable screen, but a standard laptop. And the result may be.


Windows laptops are abundant. Good too: take the Asus Zenbook line or Lenovo Thinkpad devices. But Microsoft? It hardly makes laptops. Well tablets with keyboards or laptops with crazy removable tablet screens.
But an average laptop? Not that.

Until now. The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a direct attack on the Macbook Air. The Microsoft laptop is also thin, light and fast, and the entry fee is sold for an affordable £979.


Housing and Screen
Indeed, the Surface Laptop has some way away from the Macbook Air. Like almost all laptops that are thin and light. The design of the Apple has become a kind of community, and nothing is wrong with it. The Surface Laptop looks stylish, with only the Microsoft logo at the top and a normal USB port on the side. He is even slightly smaller than the 13-inch version of the MacBook Air.

With one hand, you raise the screen while the Surface Laptop stays firm. These are the kind of little details Microsoft has noticed. Just like the screen: that’s 13.5 inches and a 3: 2 aspect ratio just slightly higher than normal widescreen displays. Such larger screen is nice while browsing: it fits more of the website.

Also, the screen is touch sensitive. This means that you can also control Windows 10 with your fingers. It may sound strange, but it’s sometimes helpful to tap something just on the screen instead of using the touchpad on the keyboard. And if you do not use it, the touchscreen is also not in the way.


Keyboard, Fabric and Speakers
Instead of metal, Microsoft uses dust for the inside of the laptop. “Hey, your laptop has a carpet or something like that,” was one of the comments I heard from friends. The plastic is called Alcantara and is normally used as an alternative to suede. Then you also know exactly how the fabric feels.

I have mixed feelings when using the fabric. On the one hand, it feels good, but on the contrary, I expect that after more than a hundred hours of sweaty palms, the dust does not look as fresh as now. Then I think I’d rather have a full metal laptop.

Nevertheless, the fabric has another advantage: through tiny holes in the dust, Microsoft could place the speakers under the keyboard. The speakers also create a good sound, and because the sound comes from the keyboard, you also have the idea that it sounds spatial.


Windows 10S and Windows 10 Pro, Cam Unlock
The Surface Laptop comes with Windows 10S. That is a special version of Windows 10 that allows you to install only apps from the Windows Store. Once you install a program outside of this store, for example, through a .exe file, you will see a prompt asking if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free.

Do not hesitate and press YES right then the answer. Because Windows 10 Pro is simply the operating system that you can run. The Windows Store does not have all the apps you want to use, such as Chrome, 1Password, or the full version of Photoshop. Sooner or later you will receive such an app and you must install Windows 10 Pro.

That installation process is so hot. You press Yes, wait a minute or ten and run Windows 10 Pro. The other main benefit of this operating system is that it is standard with Bitlocker, the app that encrypts your hard drive. If you lose or Survive the Surface Laptop, your private data will be stored as passwords and documents behind the digital lock and lock.

Also, the Surface Laptop has a webcam that recognizes your face. That works well in practice: when I open the laptop, I will be logged in immediately. That’s what the environment is because once the camera is a bit dark, the camera has a lot more trouble with me.


Hardware & Battery life
The Surface Laptop comes in four hardware configurations:

Core i5, 4GB, 128GB storage: £979 / US$999

Core i5, 8GB, 256GB storage: £1249 / US$1299

Core i7, 8GB, 256GB storage: £1549 / US$1599

Core i7, 16GB, 512GB storage: £2149 / US$2199

The battery life of the Surface Laptop is up to eight o’clock. You can usually work on a full day if you do not edit videos or photos all the time. However, watching the 14.5 hours of video that Microsoft advertises never achieved.

You charge the laptop with a special charger from Microsoft, and not via the commonly accepted USB cable. Sorry, but for many, there is no reason not to buy the laptop.


There are cheaper Windows laptops, more powerful Windows laptops and Windows laptops that you can use as a tablet by removing the screen. There are also Windows laptops with multiple USB ports and space for a micro-sd card. But actually, I have just wanted to have a good tight laptop from Microsoft for years. And that’s exactly what the company has made. The Surface Laptop has an excellent design, is easy to plug in the backpack and also has powerful hardware.

The Macbook finally has a worthy Windows alternative.

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