President Trump: I haven’t Taped Conversation with Comey


President Trump: I haven’t Taped Conversation with Comey. US President Donald Trump does not speak in his own words about sound recordings of his talks with former FBI director James Comey. “I did not make such recordings, and I do not have it anymore,” said the president.


Trump unveiled Comey last month as director of federal investigation. The president briefly suggested in a tweet that there may be recordings of talks he had with Comey.

“James Comey has to hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he leaks to the press,” Trump twisted.

A well-fed source told Bloomberg press office that Trump had a reason to mention the existence of the recordings. He wanted to prevent the former FBI director spreading falsehoods.

Trump told Twitter that he could not entirely exclude after all reports of electrical eavesdropping and illegal leaks that there were sound recordings of the conversations. The president only emphasized himself not to have taken surveys during meetings with Comey.

The opposition responded critically to the disclosure of Trump. “If the president had no tapes, why did he suggest the contrary?” Said Adam Schiff, the highest Democrat in the House of Representatives Commission.

Schiff said he had many questions for the president. “Did he want to mislead the people? Did he try to intimidate or to bring Comey intoxication? And if that’s the case, did he take other steps to discourage potential witnesses to do their story?”

Comey recently said in a hearing before the Senate Intelligence Commission that records of his conversations with the president existed. “If that’s the case, my feelings are not hurt, give them all free. I have no objection,” said the former FBI boss.

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