Facebook is Testing a Feature That Stops Profile Photo Theft


Facebook is Testing a Feature That Stops Profile Photo Theft. Facebook test in India a feature that makes it harder to copy profile photos from others. The protection feature can be enabled by users and must ensure that profile photos are not downloaded and shared on Facebook.


The function is being tested in India because many women do not use their face as a profile picture for fear of theft, reports Facebook.

The protection ensures that registered profile photos can not be shared on Facebook. Protected profile photos can only be tagged by the owner and his friends.

Copy and Screenshots Impossible
Additionally, in the Android app from Facebook, it’s not possible to create screenshots of protected profile photos. The photos are recognizable by a blue and white shield. Also, users can apply a transparent watermark pattern over their photos, to further discourage copying.

Early tests, according to Facebook, indicate that protected profile photos are 75 percent less likely to be copied unsolicited. If profile photos are still copied, Facebook will remove the person who does that from the social network.

It is not known if the feature is also available outside of India.

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