Microsoft New Surface Pro is Faster, Lighter and Quieter


Microsoft New Surface Pro is Faster, Lighter and Quieter. Microsoft has presented a new laptop today. The new Surface Pro battery must last for 12 hours on one battery charge and, like the Surface Book, has a suede cover alongside the keyboard.

According to Microsoft, the new Surface Pro is 20 percent faster than the Surface Pro 4. This is mainly due to a new type of processor: the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor.

The lighter models of the Pro with an m3 and i5 processor do not have a fan. Therefore, they are not only completely silent but also a little more space for the battery, so the battery life is up to 30 percent higher than the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft promises that the hybrid laptop can play 12 hours of video on one load. The screen size is 12.3 inches.

The i7-chip model is equipped with a fan. Unlike previous models, the new Surface Pro is not delivered with the Surface Pen. That pen with 4096 pressure points is now sold separately.

The magnetically adjustable keyboards with suede coverings are available in the colors of platinum, burgundy red, and cobalt blue by the new Surface Laptop. The Surface Pen is also available in these colors.

Microsoft Surface Pro Price:
The new Surface Pro is available from June 15 and prices to start at $799 for the basic model (4GB of work and 128GB of storage) and up to $4000 for the most extinct model (16GB RAM and 1TB of storage).

Also, Microsoft also announced that the Surface Studio, a desktop PC with a tiltable touchscreen, is available for purchase from the United Kingdom on June 15th.

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