CIA Director Warned Russian Interference in Elections with Moscow


Former CIA director John Brennan warned the Russian interference in the US presidential elections last year with his colleagues in Moscow.

He briefly referred the matter to Aleksander Bortnikov, the head of Russian FSB security service, Brennan said during a hearing of the US House of Representatives.

In his eyes, there is no doubt that Russia was “in a shameless way” last year with the elections. “They did not do it despite our express warnings.”

He warned Bortnikov in early August that the relationship with Washington would be under pressure. The FSB boss denied during the conversation that Russians wanted Donald Trump to win.

According to Brennan, there is also information about contacts between Russian officials and Americans who were involved in the Trump campaign.

The information is so important that the FBI should look for a conspiracy. Brennan did not want to go into detail.

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