Microsoft Now Supports up to 300 Participants in Team Meetings

Microsoft has increased the limit for the number of participants in a Teams meeting to 300 people. Until now, a maximum of 250 people could attend a virtual meeting simultaneously.


The software giant from Redmond had already announced the new limit a few weeks ago and has already carried out tests with it.

Apparently with success, because today is the first working day on which you can officially join Teams with 300 people.

The update was announced via Twitter by Mike Tholfsen, product manager for Microsoft’s educational products.

Only for government services (Teams for Government), there is an exception: the limit is still at 250 participants, although Microsoft would also like to increase that number to 300 people soon.

The 300 person limit applies to the number of people who can dial in and chat through Microsoft Teams.

At meetings with video and audio, the number of participants is still limited to 20.

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