Microsoft Drawing Program Paint to be Killed Off after 32 Years


Microsoft Drawing Program Paint to be Killed Off after 32 Years. Since 1985, Paint is no longer considering our daily computing, but if it is Microsoft, it will soon be over. In the latest Windows, Autumn / Fall update, Paint’s development is stopped. In subsequent updates, the drawing program will probably disappear completely.


Honestly, fair, Paint has always had such limitations. But although the program does not have a lot of potentials, many of us use it for simple actions. Crop a bit, adjust the size of a photo or create a quick, simple drawing for example.

In a new list that Microsoft recently published, the computer company names applications that are likely to disappear in the new or subsequent Windows update.

While most of the listed applications in the list are quite unknown, a particular component draws attention: Paint. According to Microsoft, the drawing program should not be further developed and possibly removed in future Windows software. Paint 3D still exists.

Why Microsoft stops painting after 32 years, the company did not say. Also, the exact date Paint will be removed from Windows has not been announced yet.

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