Meghan Markle has Suffered A Major Setback in the Lawsuit

Meghan Markle has suffered a major setback in the Lawsuit against the British tabloids. A judge in London calls some of her claims “irrelevant”.


Prince Harry’s wife challenged the publisher of Mail on Sunday, which had published from a personal letter to her father.

The judge also refuses to take into account Markle’s allegations that the reporters acted in bad faith and only aggravated the gap between her and her father by hanging out dirty laundry and putting her in a negative light.

British media write this afternoon.

The whole case revolves around the publication of five articles about a letter from Meghan to her father Thomas Markle in 2019.

The tabloids Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday were charged with her writing against the rules inside and outside her, according to the Duchess of Sussex. Know to published.

According to Meghan, parts of the letter were also deliberately edited.

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