Major Disruption at AWS Shuts Down Internet Services

Amazon Web Services was hit by an electrical outage on Wednesday. The breakdown is believed to be responsible for major disruptions to a range of internet services, including Slack. It is already the third failure in a short time.


Due to a failure at an AWS data centre on the east coast of the United States, several internet services were disrupted. As a result, Slack, Coinbase, the Epic Games Store and the dating app Grindr, among others, proved difficult or inaccessible for some of the users.

The problems arose around 13:30, according to reports on Allestoringen and Downdetector. AWS has not confirmed the cause of the outage, but the company does report a power outage at a data centre in the US state of West Virginia. The fault should have been resolved by now.

This is already the third outage for Amazon Web Services this month. On December 7, the popular cloud platform went offline due to problems in a data centre on the east coast of the US, affecting crypto platform Coinbase, streaming services Netflix and Disney+, and Amazon’s e-store itself.

On December 15, a second outage occurred at a data centre on the west coast of the US. Again, slack and Facebook, among others, were hindered by this.

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