Laser Hair Removal: Do Hairs Always Stay Away?


You can depilate your legs by waxing, epilating or shaving them: the result is instant but temporary. If you want a more definitive conclusion, you can consider laser treatment, although that is a lot more expensive and you get no guarantees with it. Are you in doubt? This info will certainly interest you.

Laser Hair Removal: This Works
Switching on a laser to remove unwanted hair is more expensive, more intensive and far-reaching than the usual hair removal methods. While waxing and epilation pull the hairs out of the root, laser hair removal tackles the root itself.

A laser is light with a particular wavelength. A high wavelength is effective against wrinkles or scars, while a low wavelength can help with varicose veins. An even smaller wavelength affects your hair. The laser beam acts on the melanin of the unwanted hair: the pigment is heated and acts as a heat conductor to penetrate the hair root. The heat scorches the root so that no hair can grow out of it.

Timing is Everything
It is essential to plan laser hair removal properly. Your hair must be in a growth phase, because only then will there be pigmentation in the hair. That is also the reason why you need multiple laser treatments – because you do not know which phase the hairs are. Moreover, grey and very blonde hairs are more difficult to remove: because they contain no pigment, the laser has little impact on it.

No Instant Effect
Bear in mind that a laser hair removal does not give an immediate result: the hairs only fall out after the laser treatment (count on a week for this). There is also a chance that the hairs with damaged hair follicles will grow back for a while, but will fall out afterwards.

After five to eight treatments, eighty to ninety percent of the hairs are gone. The number of treatments and the result always depends on your hair colour, your skin type and the area being treated. Get good advice from a professional before you start treatment: this way you know in advance whether the treatment is suitable for you and what results you can expect. Many beauty companies like also offer a trial session.

The Treatment

The laser treatment works as follows:

• The zone that is being treated is covered with a layer of transparent gel.
• The intensity of the laser is adjusted, and you put on glasses that protect your eyes against the flash of light.
• The laser head glides over your skin. Each piece is fired for about a second: in other words, the laser is quite fast.
• Immediately after the treatment, the skin may turn red and swell a little, but the reaction diminishes reasonably quickly. A cold pack can often soften.
• Whether the treatment is painful depends on the zone and the type of laser that the cosmetician uses.

Upper lip, eyebrows, legs, armpits, bikini line, and for men the back and chest: in principle, laser hair removal is possible for almost all zones, provided that the hairs are not too thin (down) or too light in colour.

Do Not Sun or Wax
Before and during the laser treatments, it is strongly advised not to go under the sunbed, just as exposing the treated areas to the sun is not a good idea. Are you going outside anyway? Then use a sun cream with a very high protection factor. In between treatments, you may also not epilate or wax, but you can shave or use a hair removal cream.

Choose A Professional Company
If you opt for a permanent laser hair removal London, keep these tips in mind:
• Have the treatment carried out by a professional: they can avoid burns and work with the right equipment so that the hairs are practically permanently removed.
• Do the treatment preferably during the fall or winter period – in the summer months, laser therapy is too stressful for the skin.
• And also take the price tag into account, because the treatment is not cheap: a laser hair removal for your legs can easily cost several hundred euros.

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