Smooth Skin At Last – The Most Popular Hair Removal Methods

Now that the temperatures are getting higher and jeans and sweaters are being swapped for skirts and tops, most women want their hair on their legs, armpits and the like. Get rid of it. The hair should stay away as permanently as possible and the method should be as quick and painless as possible. Nowadays, depilation is part of personal hygiene, and anyone who has hairy hair or armpits is often considered unkempt.

According to surveys, more than half of women use a razor for hair removal. Epilators, depilatory creams or lasers are used less frequently.

Table of Contents

  • Shave
  • Epilation
  • Depilatory cream
  • Grow
  • Laser

Shave Hair Removal Method

Shaving is arguably the most commonly used hair removal method and is particularly popular for legs, armpits and intimate areas. The razor is used to trim the hair on the skin’s surface. This method is easy and painless, but it doesn’t last long either. After a day or two, the first stubble can be seen again.

Depending on the device, shaving is performed dry or wet. Either a disposable or system razor can be used for wet shaving. Both should only be used with shaving foam or gel. An electric razor is ideal for dry shaving. Shaving is faster than with a wet razor and causes less irritation, but the skin is never completely stubble-free.

Epilation Hair Removal Method

Another popular but painful method is epilation. The epilator pulls out the hair right at the root. This method is more sustainable than shaving. Only after a few weeks does the first stubble appear. To epilate again, the hair must be at least two to five millimetres long.

Epilation is particularly suitable for removing hair from the legs and armpits.

There are dry and wet epilators. The wet epilator can be used with shaving foam when showering. The epilator is guided over the skin at a 90-degree angle against the direction of hair growth.

Epilators are a lot more expensive than razors. It is worth investing a little more money and getting a high-quality device. These devices are suitable for both dry and wet use and also have a massage attachment or a cool pack.

Depilatory Cream – Popular method of hair removal

In addition to shaving and epilation, creams or gels for depilation are also popular with women worldwide. Hair removal creams or gels contain a sulphurous substance that destroys the structure of the hair. This loosens the hair roots and the hair that has fallen out can be removed with a spatula after allowing it to take effect.

This hair removal variant is quick, easy and painless. In addition, depilatory creams can be used on almost any part of the body. After application, smooth skin is left and the result lasts for three to five days. People who are prone to allergies should be careful when using depilatory cream.


When waxing, the hair is pulled out suddenly against the grain with cold or hot wax. The hair is removed along with the root. This method is not entirely painless, but the skin will remain hair-free for up to a month.

Waxing can be performed on any part of the body.

The hair should be between two and five millimetres long. Waxing can cause redness on sensitive skin, which usually goes away after a day. If you don’t dare to do the waxing yourself, you can have it done by a beautician in a studio.

Cold wax strips and warm wax pots are available in drugstores for as little as five dollars. The cost of professional waxing varies depending on the region of the body and the studio. The legs are waxed for about 30 dollars and the whole body can cost up to 150 dollars.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Lasers are ideal for permanent hair removal. The melanin in the hair root is destroyed with light. This method is largely painless. Lasering is usually carried out in a studio or at the dermatologist’s, but there are now also devices for at home.

After a few sessions, the hair does not grow back for up to six months. Several applications are necessary because not all hairs are caught directly. Home devices also need to be used more often and at shorter intervals initially. This method is quite expensive. Depending on the area, a treatment costs from 100 dollars.

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