Janssen Vaccine Accounts for $ 100 Million in Sales

The corona vaccine of the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) generated sales of $ 100 million in the first quarter.


The use of the vaccine developed by J&J daughter Janssen from Leiden was suspended last week. For the time being, the vaccine has only been used in the United States.

Health authorities decided to take a puncture break as a precaution after at least six people experienced a very rare and dangerous combination of blood clots and low platelet counts after vaccination. One woman died, and another became critically ill. It is being investigated whether there is a connection with the vaccine. In the US, nearly 7 million people have already been given it.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) previously approved the Janssen vaccine for use in the EU, but J&J called for it not to be used for the time being after the American decision. The EMA will report on Tuesday with conclusions in the study into potential side effects of the Janssen vaccine.

J&J previously stated that the vaccine would be available on a non-profit basis until the end of the pandemic. With a turnover of 100 million dollars, the corona vaccine contributes only marginally to the company’s turnover growth.

It rose nearly 8 percent to $ 22.3 billion over the measurement period, aided by strong sales of its cancer drug. Profit increased from $ 5.8 billion last year to $ 6.2 billion today.

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