Iraqi Prime Minister in Mosul to Claim Victory Over ISIS


Iraqi Prime Minister in Mosul to Claim Victory Over ISIS. It took longer than expected, but the Iraqi army has got the hands of the city of Mosul. The prime minister of Iraq has claimed victory.


Terrorist organization IS would be fully defeated in the city. The conquest of Mosul, once a large IS-bulwark, lasted more than nine months. In the city, three years ago, the call called the caliphate, which liberation also has a symbolic meaning.

Yesterday, the Iraqi state television reported that only “the last meters” of the Old City of Mosul had to be taken. The Old City is a twist of winding streets where the houses often had to be conquered one by one.

At the end of last month, the Iraqi army showed that it would take only a few days for Mosul to be completely under control. Last week, it was reported that Mosul’s liberation is near.

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